The enduring dedication of the Keenan winery staff is the reason for the excellent quality of all of our wines. These close relationships are a foundation for a truly comprehensive knowledge of winemaking and grape growing on Spring Mountain.

Our approach to winemaking is collaborative, and we work in concert with general manager Matt Gardner and cellar master Randy Kewell, both of whom have worked on the Keenan estate since 1995. Together we establish the winemaking protocols, aging, and style of Keenan wines. This outstanding combination of skill, long-term commitment, and meticulous attention to detail is the key to producing wines that reflect a more natural and balanced style. We prefer a conservative, minimal approach that allows the true varietal flavor to stand out in each of the wines we produce.

A clear example is our use of less new French oak in the aging process, allowing the pure flavors of each grape variety to prevail in the finished wine. Michael Keenan takes the responsibility for all final decisions, choosing a ‘wait-and-taste’ approach to determine the optimum length of time each of the Keenan wines spends in barrel and bottle prior to release. These decisions are determined by his palate rather than as a response to market pressure.

We think you’ll agree that our wines reveal wonderful character, combined with complex, tight-knit tannins, great structure, and definitive age-ability.

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