Join Michael & Jennifer Keenan for a Medieval Treasures German Rivers Wine Cruise – Keenan Winery
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Join Michael & Jennifer Keenan for a Medieval Treasures German Rivers Wine Cruise


Wine Cruise through Germany

Optional 3 nights Prague Post Cruise Tour

Tour and Cruise: Nov. 7 – Nov. 17, 2019
Cruise Only: Nov. 7-14, 2019

Our inaugural Keenan River Cruise is set for next November through the heart of Germany. This is a special voyage through fairy tale like setting, and production area for the world’s greatest Riesling wines.

Join us on this wonderful voyage along the Rhine, Main and Danube Canal. The villages and cities along the way are picturesque, the wines extraordinary! There is an optional 3 night stay in Prague with many special events for our members.

Book by November 30th, and receive a $1500 per cabin ($750 per person) discount for Keenan guests and wine club members. Special events are included. NOTE: You must book with our tour operator Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA to be part of the Keenan Winery Group.

For complete information and to register online visit: This dedicated web site will answer most of your questions about the trip, including cabin sizes and options, etc. With questions contact Georgia Shoemaker at Expanding Horizons, Email: or telephone 1-714–988-6408

We look forward to seeing you in Europe!

Get More Info and RSVP

EMAIL          1-714–988-6408          TOUR WEBSITE


The Riesling grape is a manual challenge for the wine-grower; a multifaceted varietal that repeatedly delivers surprising variations and nuances thanks to its unique combination of acidity and extract. The strength of Riesling lies in its wealth of aromas and flavors, from spicy herbs to citrus fruits to sweet, yellow fruits. There is pronounced acidity and elegant, site-specific mineral notes.

The true origin of Riesling remains a mystery. Some believe it is a varietal mentioned by the Roman writer Plinius. Some wine historians think King Louis the German (843–876) was the first to have had the grape planted in the Rhine Valley. Others believe that Riesling is simply a mutation of a wild Germanic vine.

The magnificent Schloss Johannisberg above Rudesheim was the historical trendsetter for the advance of Riesling. In 1720 some 294,000 Riesling vines were planted in the vineyards of the old Benedictine abbey. In 1775, the benefits of a “Spätlese” (late harvest) were first recognized, resulting in a scheduled late harvest of botrytized grapes. The lusciously sweet Rieslings created led to the grape’s fame and image throughout Europe. The Schloss Johannisberg wines graced the tables of every royal house, from kings to emperors to czars, served alongside the great white and red Pinots of Burgundy and red wines of Bordeaux. And like those great French wines great Rieslings need time for their true magnitude and elegance to develop.

More Info and RSVP:          EMAIL          1-714–988-6408          TOUR WEBSITE

Keenan Wine Cruise in Germany
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