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Join Michael & Jennifer for Keenan Winery’s 2021 Paris & Normandy Wine Tour & Cruise

Feb 1, 2021

The Covid-19 virus certainly changed everything in our lives, and it’s not finished yet. While the of new cases and mortality rates continue to be grim, millions of people are now starting the vaccination process. Though nothing is certain regarding foreign travel, the best we have now is that the borders of Europe should open to Americans by late April at the earliest, perhaps as late as June. With vaccines rolling out across the populations of both the EU nations and the USA, airlines and the various EU nation customs will likely require a proof-of-vaccination certificate. Such documentation is presently a normal requirement for travel to many Africana nations. Thus, while keeping in our hearts all those who have suffered through this pandemic, we are ready to come out of our shelters and gratefully begin re-engaging with one another and our beautiful world once again.

Paris & Normandy Wine Tour & Cruise

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Chantilly, Epernay, Paris & Seine River Cruise: October 17-28, 2021

Seine Cruise Only: October 21-28, 2021

In this spirit, we cordially invite you to join us in France on an 11-night cruise and tour, starting in the village of Chantilly and the Champagne city of Epernay, then on to Paris for 2 nights before voyaging for 7 nights down the Seine River Valley through Normandy, aboard the deluxe 148 passenger river ship M/S AmaLyra. Onboard, Michael will hold two private tastings and a paired dinner, pouring his best recent work at Keenan , contrasting Napa Valley wines with those of France. More importantly, we’ll together the charming villages and chateaux of Normandy. This is an incredibly historic region.

If you love or are intrigued by great art, , wine, and , this is a fabulous experience. Explore the haunts frequented by Napoleon and Richard the Lion Heart; scenes and towns painted by Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh. The legendary Norman houses and chateaux here are beautiful and historic. We’ll spend an emotional day visiting the beaches of Omaha and Juno, walking the sands and clifftops where the WWII Allied Invasion took place on June 6th, 1944.


1) This is a wonderful spot for photography

2) The flat terrain around Les Andelys is ideal for using the ship’s bicycles along the Seine

Onboard, Michael will hold two private tastings and a paired dinner, pouring his best recent work at Keenan Napa Valley, contrasting Napa Valley wines with those of France. This is an incredibly historic region.  If you find value in great art, history, wine, and food, this Seine cruise is a fabulous experience.

There is a $500 per cabin ($250 per person) discount for our members. Prices start at $3,649 per person.  Suites and premium cabins tend to book out first. For complete information and to register online, click: www.toursandwine.com/keenan With questions, contact Georgia Shoemaker at Expanding Horizons, 1-714-988-6408

 NOTE: You must book through our tour operator Expanding Horizons of Tustin, CA, to be part of the Keenan Winery Group. Special are included for our Keenan Winery group members.

Feel free to recommend this special holiday to any friends or relations you believe will enjoy a unique vacation experience dedicated to fine cuisine, wine, art history, and culture.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!


Michael & Jennifer Keenan