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Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain

February 17, 2023

Some of the over-riding characteristics of the wine include ripe black cherry with plum and hints of herbaceous earth. Our Keenan Spring Mountain Cabernet Franc made with 100% estate-grown grapes is well structured and made to last 10-15 years.

Keenan Spring Mountain Cabernet Franc shows complexity as it opens up. It consistently gets rated in the mid 90s and, as Robert Parker Jr. of the Wine Advocate said in 2008, “Keenan is a marvelous source of top-notch Cabernet Franc…their 100% Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain is one of the finest made in California.” He goes on to describe how the wine “reveals an ethereal nose of bouquet garni, red and black currants, and a hint of spring flowers, followed by a layered, medium-bodied red that is remarkably light on its feet. The tannins are round and silky, and the finish is long and velvety. This beauty will be even better with several more years of bottle age, and it should evolve for 15+ year.”

Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain
Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain


In 1999, after nearly a decade hiatus, we began producing an 100% Cabernet Franc wine again at Keenan Winery. Initially, we purchased some of our fruit for this highly unique wine from an outstanding grower on Mt.Veeder. However, by 2002, we increased our own Cabernet Franc vineyard size and produced it with 100% estate-grown grapes.

In later vintages, following the 2010 Keenan Spring Mountain Cabernet Franc, the dark fruit notes frequently contain complex undertones of cloves and espresso. This comes in part from being produced on our highest vineyard, about 2,000 feet elevation in the Mayacamas Mountain Range of Spring Mountain on the western border of Napa Valley, California.

These days, the Keenan Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is fermented in stainless steel tanks, then aged in French and American oak barrels for about 20 months. Each vintage reflects a unique mix of dark fruit such as blueberry, raspberry, plum and cherry.


This short video sums it up in a few words: great land makes great wine. That is why our Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain is one of a kind.

Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain - Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain


This grape deserves a lot more attention than it typically gets. It is oft undervalued and absolutely scrumptious. Enjoy its dark colors, weight on the palate, deep red cherry and touch of herb that makes you want to serve it with a feast of vegetables and yummy meats. This is an adult wine for passionate wine lovers. Savor the dancing cherries and plum on the tongue with gorgeous long finish.

You might be interested to learn that Cab Franc is the grandmother of Cabernet Sauvignon. Both grape varietals come from the Bordeaux region of France, but it has been cultivated into a sumptuous wine in our portfolio, here in the cool, upper mountains of our Spring Mountain AVA. If you want a delicious introduction to the Cabernet Franc varietal and ancestor of Cabernet Sauvignon, we recommend beginning with a short vertical of the last 5 vintages. Compare these and look for which has stronger plum, blueberry or cherries and how that is tickled by touches of earthiness, coffee and hint of herbs.


Vegetarians and well-rounded eaters alike will appreciate how delightfully the Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain pairs with veggies, due to its faint herbaceous qualities. It also compliments wonderfully with stewed meats, poultry and fish. Here is one of many examples of an absolutely perfect dish to serve with our Cab Franc:


This awesome Venezuelan stew can be made four ways: vegitariana (veggy), carne (beef), pollo (chicken) or pescado (fish). Because of the tangy cilantro and lime, any of these versions is perfect for Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain pairing. Here’s the recipe:

Our friend Pamelita gave us this recipe after a multi-year stint living is the gorgeous South American country of Venezuela, where the stew originated. She said the villagers would walk down the sandy road toward the Caribbean beach, picking plantains, yucca, squash, carrots, onions, limes, taro, potatoes along the way. They’d make a bon fire beside the river, put a pot of boiling water on it, and throw in the ingredients to make this mouth watering and filling meal.

It’s very simple to make: put your veggies and any (or no) meat of choice in a huge pot on the stove with enough water to cover them twice. Green plantains, yucca and taro will make it authentic. As it boils and cooks, finely mince one onion and big bunch of cilantro for every quart or so of soup. Squeeze a lime for each onion, and toss the juice with the minced onions and cilantro. Once the meat and veggies are tender, stir in this mixture and add salt to taste. That’s all there is to it!

The flavors merge in the most tangy, yet light, stew you’ve ever tasted. Pour yourself a lovely glass of Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain and you will be in heaven.

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Though clearly a typical Cabernet Franc, the Keenan Cab Franc is anything but typical. The unique growing conditions and soils of our upper most vineyard (at 2,000 feet of elevation) gives these grapes tremendous plum and cherry tones, with blueberry or raspberry brightness and soft, earthy or herby undertones. All vintages are produced in extremely small quantity making the Keenan Cabernet Franc Spring Mountain wine one of the rarest and most exquisite you can find in Napa Valley.

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