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Get It Hot Off The Press: Keenan Winery’s Spring And Summer Newsletter, 2019, From The President’s Desk.

Get it hot off the press: Keenan Winery’s Spring and Summer Newsletter, 2019, from The President’s Desk.

Inevitably when I make a presentation at a wine dinner or to a sales team I stress the fact that we are a small multi-generation estate winery dedicated to long term health of our amazing vineyards up on Spring Mountain. This is to make clear the distinction between us and the ever-growing number of corporate owned labels that seem to be increasing every month. I think consumers are more drawn to local small family businesses that produce ‘artisanal’ products versus mass-produced pieces of mediocrity. In addition to that a strong advantage we have in being smaller is that we have the ability to quickly adapt to challenging conditions and…

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Better Than A Dream

Better than a Dream

I'm frequently asked, “How was harvest?” This year my answer was, “Like a dream”. Everything about this harvest, and quite frankly, the entire growing season was ideal. Bud break occurred at a normal time, weeks later ‘set’ was problem free and the growing season got off to a terrific start. In August veraison began and was beautifully even and delightfully drawn out and the Zinfandel crop, which can be notoriously uneven, was as even as we have ever seen it. It was such a pleasure to walk the vineyards in the weeks preceding harvest and bask in the glory of all of these perfectly shaped broad shouldered even ripening…

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