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Michael Keenan

April 19, 2017

Keenan is the and of Keenan Winery. Michael Keenan assumed leadership of the estate vineyards and winery from his father, Robert Keenan in 1998, and gradually replanted many acres and refined the winemaking process with his small, but nimble team. (These dedicated individuals, have worked continuously at Keenan since 1995!) Michael Keenan was introduced to the pleasures of wine at home.  As a young boy, he was eager to learn about winemaking and began honing his winemaking skills “on the job,” under the leadership of his father Robert Keenan and renowned winemaker Joe Cafaro.

Michael Keenan

Today, Michael Keenan works in concert with the team to make the best vineyard and winemaking decisions, and to engage with visitors in the Keenan tasting room. While he accepts responsibility for making the final decisions for each aspect of the winery, he believes Keenan's success can be attributed to the efforts of the winery's talented staff. Learn more about the team next!

Keenan Winery, under Michael Keenan's tutelage, produces mouth-watering Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnays for which the winery stands out proudly among other Napa Valley wineries. Where as his tasting room team is known for their warmth and approachability, which harkens back to the small town Napa of the past, Michael Keenan is easily recognized for his dynamic personality, tongue in cheek humor, and towering stature.

Considering the caliber of the wines, combined with the gorgeous estate and friendly staff, it's no surprise Michael's winery is listed on Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries of the Year.

You may have the opportunity to meet with Michael Keenan in your town by attending one of the many winemaker dinners, which he hosts with the chefs, sommeliers, wine critics, wine bloggers and fine restauranteurs around the United States and world. In these events, (which are often kept intimate, so that invitees may get to know him) participants get time to linger over the wines, delicious food pairings and visiting with each other. During such winemaker dinners, Michael Keenan captivates his guests with stories from the vineyards, the cellar, and the winery, while keeping everyone laughing with his great humor. Diners walk away relaxed, smiling and fully sated from the great conversation, scrumptious wines and mouth-watering food. The next time you attend one of his winemaker dinners, make sure you tell him about the first time you tasted his wines and what you like to pair with them–because one thing Michael Keenan will say again and again is, “The real point of wine is to better enjoy the accompanying food!”

See what Michael is up to by following us on our Keenan Winery Facebook page. When you do, be sure to let him know where you're drinking Keenan Wines.🙂