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Panoramic View from the Sky Above Keenan Winery

August 21, 2018

If you were a red-tailed hawk, soaring in the above Keenan Winery, you would see the winery below, beside the reservoir. You'd see the row of solar panels that power the winery. (They look tiny, don't they? They're at least 10′ square and 10′ high!) The entire stretches from the northwest to the southeast. You, from this vantage point, are located high above Keenan Winery, which is nestled on the Mayacamas Mountain Range, which runs along the western side of Napa Valley. Across the valley, and a little north of the winery is the distinct table top Mount Saint Helena, for which the village below Keenan Winery was named. Use your cursor to fly across the sky to see this bird's eye view from the vantage point of Keenan Winery. Enjoy!

Virtual Tour of Vineyards

Virtual Tour of Winery

Even if you live on the other side of the country, and can't come for a visit today, now you can explore the winery inside and the vineyards as well. In the window below, you may click, drag and move yourself virtually through hallways, doors and stairs. Zoom in or out with the plus and minus signs. The white arrows show you what you can move closer to in order to view it better. See the tasting room, cellar and grounds. You even get a glimpse into our private kitchen and offices as you head outside to see our picnic table overlooking the chardonnay vines. Across the vineyards, you'll see our solar panels, which power our whole winery.

Then, if you want to feel like a grape grower, wander out to see the vines and get a better look at some of our vineyards. Choose any of the red pins on the map above and open up a window into that part of our estate. You can spin and see 360 degrees around you as well as sky to soil. Click on a red-pin location on the aerial view of our Keenan Winery Estate. Expand the window using the bracket icon, to get a full view. Drag  to navigate on computers–or simply move your smart phone.

We hope you'll enjoy this experience virtually, over a tasty glass of one of our newly released wines, and then come and see us in person soon.