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Keenan Big Bottle Club Re Opens

You may have heard about the Keenan Big Bottle Club before, specially created for wine enthusiasts who want to dazzle dinner parties and friends with large format bottles – l.5 liter Magnums or 3.0 liter Jeroboams. If so, you might also know that this club was only open to 50 people and has been full since three days after we opened it several years ago. In that case, you’ll be thrilled to learn that we are re-opening the Keenan Big Bottle Club.

The Big Bottle Club is limited to an exclusive group of members who receive either Two Magnums (l.5L each) or one Jeroboam (3.0L) of Keenan Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot yearly. The wine is shipped in these made-for-a-lively-party sizes in December of each year – just in time to be THE shining star at holiday celebrations with friends and family! Large format bottles are perfectly sized for long-term aging so you can “gift” them to yourself and store them away for another special event.

PS: In addition to receiving a 20% discount on all wines, Keenan Big Bottle Club members receive complimentary passes for Keenan wine tastings for up to 4 guests, and tickets for 2 guests at the annual Keenan Summer Open House.

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