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Elizabeth Zafra

August 25, 2022

Zafra was born and raised in Napa and lived here her whole life. That's why it was a natural evolution for her to begin working in the wine industry in 2014. However, when she started working at Keenan Winery in 2017, her love of wine blossomed. Elizabeth manages the Wine Clubs and all the multi-tasking it entails. (She handles shipping, leads tastings, meets with customers, talks about wine, and frequently receives emails from happy customers after they receive their wine.)

When there's an opportunity, Elizabeth especially enjoys doing vertical tastings and library wine tastings with Michael and the Keenan , as well as learning about how different and excellent the wine vintages can taste- -even within the same varietal. If you can believe it, Elizabeth even goes wine tasting in her spare time because she enjoys seeing what other wineries are doing. To close, here is one little-known fact: Elizabeth went to beauty school for cosmetology.

Elizabeth Zafra