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Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting in Napa

Looking for a dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa? Look no further! Family-run, Keenan Winery, has space for the whole fam – particularly our four-pawed guests!

Well-behaved dogs are welcome to join one of our wine tastings right here in Napa wine country. In honor of our favorite guests, here’s a who’s who of our tail-wagging connoisseurs.

Meet Hashbrown

Dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa

Meet Hashbrown, a frequent wine taster at Keenan Winery in Napa Valley.

Hashbrown, a Keenan through and through, can be found everywhere from supervising harvest to taking in the stunning views of our little slice of Spring Mountain.

Meet Lulu

Dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa

Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting in Napa, starring Lulu.

All the way in from Tahoe, Lulu here is a sucker for a good Cabernet Sauvignon in front of the fireplace. She couldn’t have better taste in wine (and in bandanas), if we may be so bold. Luckily, her human knew where to find a dog-friendly wine tasting or she’d never have discovered her love for Cabernet Sauvignon!

Meet Della

Dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa

Here’s Della, looking guilty as ever.

Della is another fixture at Keenan Winery. Known for eyeing the dinner spread on summer nights, she’s a big fan of the Keenan Chardonnay.

Meet Rambo

Dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa

Rambo being, well…Rambo.

Breaking all the rules (like jumping onto the table to crash this picture), Rambo’s a real…well, Rambo.

Meet Fanny

Dog-friendly wine tasting in Napa

Fanny’s never met a hat she didn’t like…or a Keenan wine.

Never known to turn down a good hat, Fanny is a sweetie whose time at Keenan Winery is cherished by all.

If part of your family includes a doggo, bring them on! And find out more about our different tastings here.

Hope to see you soon!

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