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Cork & Taylor Podcast

Here, in this Cork & Taylor podcast, Luke Taylor interviews Michael Keenan about the making of Keenan Winery, getting to know Robert Parker, water on Spring Mountain and other exciting topics.

Michael talks about the roots of the winery: the land, the people, the wine. He says, his dad, Robert Keenan, had the vision and risk taking gene to make it happen; Michael Keenan stepped into it with the “failure is not an option” attitude to make the winery thrive; and Reilly Keenan looks to be the future with the deepest understanding of wine. (Reilly: Luke Taylor says you should listen to your dad’s praise here over and over!)

Here are the links for my joyous podcast interview with the man, the myth, the legend..Michael Keenan and I would appreciate it if you could spread the word. ~ Luke Taylor

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