Estate Vineyard – Keenan Winery
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Our replanting program began in 1998 and focused on increasing soil health through organic farming and the use of organic compost and cover crops. We matched each grape clone to its best location on the estate and today we know that all forty-eight acres are planted with just the right rootstock and all sustainably farmed. In addition, we’ve paid close attention to row orientation—based on the availability of sunlight—on each site. We combined this practice  with efficient irrigation, providing our vines the optimum growing conditions for Spring Mountain. The high elevation and steep, rugged terrain of the property requires an intimate knowledge of each vineyard site as well as the use of labor intensive, hands-on farming methods.

Our consistently cool mountain climate throughout the growing season allows the grapes to ripen slowly, developing beautiful acidity and perfectly balanced tannins. Moderately warmer seasonal temperatures during harvest, a unique condition that occurs at elevation, boosts sugar levels in the fruit and ensures that the optimal alcohol, acidity, and robust flavors of each variety are perfectly balanced.

We believe the extra effort we make in the vineyard comes through in the superior quality of the fruit from our estate, resulting in richly natural, complex, and classically structured wines that truly reflect their mountainside terroir.

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