Remodel - Getting the Band Back ToGether

Spring-Summer 2014 #31

The most satisfying job of my contracting career was the 2nd (and final!) remodel on our house in Oakland in 1997. First off because I realized I would be able to enjoy the results of this project for years with my family by being able to live in it as opposed to the usual handing it over to clients upon completion.

And secondly because it was the best creative team of owner (essentially my wife, Jennifer) and architect (my father in law, Sandy Walker) that I had ever had the pleasure to work with.  

Every building project was a triangular team of owner, contractor and architect and sometimes they didn’t all get along. Quite often the client was the weak link, becoming overwhelmed by a project that they had no prior experience of thus often rendering them poor and untimely decision makers. No such problem with the “Dream” team of Jennifer and Sandy.

Now we are back at it with the long awaited remodel of the upstairs of the winery. Yes we have a permit! And we are well underway to shaping the upstairs into a very special place that we will be able to enjoy and share with our family, friends, and guests for decades to come.

Cheers to the future!
–Michael Keenan

Keenan Winery, St. Helena
Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed Wines

The 2006 Napa Valley Summer Blend Chardonnay is the winery's first release bearing the words "Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed." Wine Business reports that the winery, located in the Spring Mountain district of the Napa Valley, recently completed a solar power system on their property. The system will supply all of the winery's power needs. When the winery's reds are released in the fall they will carry the same "Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed" phrase on the label.

Keenan Winery, St. Helena
Winery Remodeling Plan by Sandy Walker and Jennifer Walker Keenan.

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