I Can Almost Taste It

Fall-Winter 2014-15 #32

As much as we all have enjoyed our temporary headquarters in the building formerly known as ‘The Love Shack,'we are all very anxious to move into our fabulous newly renovated building. The design that my father in law, Sandy Walker, has done is truly a work of art. And to compliment his wizardry, his daughter, my lovely bride Jennifer, has spun her artistry outside and in to create a wondrous space that has truly exceeded my vision and expectations of what this project would end up feeling like.

The dates on the cover of the newsletter correspond to the three different phases of construction that our building has gone thru. 1904 being the year that the Conradi’s built the original building. We have no idea what the roof and upstairs looked like but the cellar remains pretty much the same.

Phase two took place in 1977. All that remained from phase 1 were the four stone walls of the very well constructed cellar. Most of you reading this are familiar with what phase 2 looked like, a windowless (except for the office) loft open to the cellar below. Charming as it was as we were demolishing it for phase 3 I couldn’t help but think on more than one occasion why on earth did they do that! Two separate levels. Why? The kitchen (I’m sorry, employee break room!) doubling as a very narrow hallway between the tasting room and the bathroom. Why? No obvious entrance. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked by new arrivals who pull up while I am on the deck grilling lunch,‘which way is the front?’ I doubt I will ever be asked that again.

I’m sure my father sweated over every aspect of that project as I have this go around. And at times I felt strangely emotional about undoing all of his efforts. I do know one thing, he did his project alone, He was in between marriages and had no partner to help with all the decision making that goes into creating a wonderful environment. I have been far more fortunate, I cannot imagine having had to do this project without not only the support of my wife Jennifer but her considerable talents as well. Thank you my love.

Alas there is one more small chapter to write before phase 3 is complete and that is coming to terms with the seemingly ever changing ADA requirements that the county keeps coming up with.

So close, so close…

Holiday Cheers!
Michael Keenan

Keenan Winery, St. Helena
Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed Wines

The 2006 Napa Valley Summer Blend Chardonnay is the winery's first release bearing the words "Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed." Wine Business reports that the winery, located in the Spring Mountain district of the Napa Valley, recently completed a solar power system on their property. The system will supply all of the winery's power needs. When the winery's reds are released in the fall they will carry the same "Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed" phrase on the label.

Keenan Winery, St. Helena
Winery Remodeling Plan by Sandy Walker and Jennifer Walker Keenan.

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